Culture of Violence

The media pundits puzzle over why there are increasing numbers of mass shootings. Who is immune to the culture of violence? The glorification of killing that has been trumpeted by politicians and the Main Stream Media (MSM) makes heroes of Navy Seals who are ordered to assassinate suspects in their homes and then dump the bodies at sea. No trial, no judge, no jury and justice was not served.

There is little question as to who created this climate of violence in the 21st Century. It began with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by Bush and Cheney & Co. The enormous sums diverted to the war machine, and the complicity of the MSM in every act of state sponsored terrorism committed by the west, complete the picture. There was no ISIS before the invasion of Iraq. We created ISIS. The bellicosity continued under Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace prize. If he had a shred of honor he would give it back. Does anyone remember the “peace dividend” that was supposed to come with the end of the cold war? The war machine made short work of that. The so-called “war on terrorism is endless.” And now we have a President who makes it a priority to increase military spending and sell arms to everyone he can. This will not improve the prospects for peace.

The media won’t give peace a chance. The relentless violence of TV and movies continues unabated. It is acceptable to punch, kick, stab and shoot a woman in the chest but not to see a woman’s breast being kissed; that’s x-rated. When you foster a culture of violence it’s small wonder that people will respond to it in ways you might have been able to predict.

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Wishing everyone a peaceful world; a world without war.

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